Adam Jennings

B.A.(Hons) Architecture

604 558 6344

Detailed. Upbeat. Quintessentially British.

Adam graduated with a bachelor of arts in architecture (Hons.) from the University of Liverpool. From there he moved on to Shanghai and then Melbourne, where he worked on residential, commercial, educational and institutional projects of every size. He has experience with large scale master planning through to small scale installations. While he has an excellent breadth of skill, Adam is particularly enthusiastic about detailing, with a strong background in 3D modeling and visualization.

Adam believes that the formation of a simple yet defining concept is crucial, as it provides the framework for decision-making through the process of creating buildings and guides us in problem solving. Despite (or perhaps because of) his world travels, Adam lives up to British stereotypes: his dedication to soccer, the Beatles and a rather specific blend of tea (which he carries around with him in a bag) are fondly tolerated by all.

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