Anthony Roach

Intern Architect AIBC M.Arch


Perceptive. Fixie evangelist. All about the details.

Anthony has an appreciation for simple, natural materials and practical forms that stems from a background in landscape construction and woodworking. He brings valuable hands-on knowledge to his design and detailing, along with a drive to make that he manages to work into his day-to-day (whether it’s making furniture, cooking or, most recently, brewing beer).  At omb he is known for his dedication and collaborative spirit. He sees both as vital to the success of any design solution — and any good kitchen party.

Having grown up in Nova Scotia, Anthony earned his bachelor of arts in sociology and economics at Bishop’s University in Quebec before continuing west to Vancouver in search of milder winters. He is an assertive cyclist, a dedicated ball fan and the owner of a three-month gym pass.

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