Eric Stockand

M.Sc. Arch.

604 558 6344

Easygoing. Meticulous. Brainiac.

Being a tech-savvy, problem-solving, compulsively-organized architect who loves ice-cream barely scratches the surface of someone inspired by the majesty of nature, the world’s cultural diversity, and the collective human experience. Phew! True to form, Eric’s UBC studies led to a thesis on sustainable development and ecology in local, regional, and global contexts. And after three summers working in Tokyo, we shouldn’t be surprised that he moved to The Netherlands to pursue his Masters degree and experience the culture, history, and architecture of Europe.

Eric’s belief that empathy is the basis of good design means taking the time to connect with the users and creating spaces they will value. He was already following his creative and caring career path by grade six, as the BC finalist for the Canada day poster challenge and an excited young guest of honour at the festivities in Ottawa. Today, when he’s not working with great people in an inspiring environment, he can be found running toward an elusive marathon or exploring the great outdoors with his girlfriend.

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