Hozumi Nakai, associate


604 558 6344


Dedicated. Veteran. Card-carrying member of Club Fat Ass (it’s not what you think).

Hozumi completes, with legendary speed and thoroughness, the drawing and detailing work on many of omb’s projects. Since coming to Vancouver from Toronto in 1997, Hozumi has acquired an impressive range of experience with several distinguished local firms, diversifying his project background with corporate, retail, commercial and hospitality assignments. He is grounded and humble, with exceptional ability and a quiet competitive spirit which inspires greatness in not only himself but those around him.

He spends most of his spare time running ultra-marathons, however Hozumi has still accomplished much during his years at omb:  he has contributed to some of the studio’s most recognized projects; he has succeeded in living his life like his dog (“Have as much fun as I can, get lots of sleep, and say Hi to everyone I meet.”); and he has amassed an astonishing collection of Gore-Tex.

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