Jean-Philippe Delage, associate

Architect AIBC LEED®AP

604 558 6344

Precise.  Ebullient. Wielder of charm.

Jean-Philippe earned his bachelor of architecture in Quebec City and Montpellier, France. In 2005 he found himself drawn to Vancouver’s outdoor lifestyle and dynamic architecture scene and by 2007 he was working with Steve and Michelle, putting his aptitude for visualization, broad technical knowledge and strong communication skills to work. Since then he has carved out a role in which his design and project management talents play an integral part in many of omb’s projects.

Jean-Philippe believes architecture should be simple and clear with a little spice. He has a bouyant personality and is inspired by (in the sense of wanting to improve upon) modern urban disasters and the contemporary state of the world, on which he keeps a watchful eye. In his spare time Jean-Philippe is cooking or outside skiing, biking or sailing. And when not doing any of those things he’s shooting photos of architecture. Yup, he’s the complete package.

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