Nanaimo Airport

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Type Travel
Size 55,000 SF
Year 2034

YCD Nanaimo Airport is planning an expansion of the air terminal building that will improve services to passengers and create the foundation for more connecting flights to destinations around the world. omb was commissioned to masterplan an ambitious expansion of the ATB in anticipation of considerable growth to 2034. The multiphased expansion triples the size of the ATB, adding an expanded departure lounge, updated baggage handling, expanded security and pre-board screening, as well as a new CBSA facility. Phase one is currently underway and will expand floor space of the existing ATB, create more room for the CATSA/G4S, modernize and relocate the existing car rental agency space. It will alleviate congestion and accommodate future passenger and cargo traffic growth. Passenger traffic in 2014 was approximately 270,000, which is a 60% increase from 2011. The expansion will allow air services to meet the projected growth of the community and will be
the airport of choice for Central Vancouver Island.

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