Andrew Neilson

DIPL.T, Architectural Technologist AIBC, CM-BIM


Supportive. Focused. Campsite maven.  

Andrew has always had a propensity for technical design. Borne from a curiosity to uncover what exists behind walls, Andrew took a drafting course in grade school where he was tasked with designing a 3D CAD model of his childhood home. Delighted by the ability to use computer programs as a means for creativity, it was clear to Andrew that architectural technology was his calling.

At omb, Andrew helps to advance the space between creative design and the technical aspects of architecture. He works seamlessly to develop and provide our team with effective BIM and Revit solutions, contributing greatly to omb’s technological knowledge base. When he’s not head-down at his computer, Andrew likes to explore all that BC’s campgrounds have to offer.

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