Mara Coelho

Designer, B Arch, CAUBR

604 558 6344

Vibrant. Musical. Dreams of dwellings.  

Growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood in Minas, Brazil, Mara daydreamed about her ideal home while flipping through architecture magazines. This is when she developed her imagination for spaces and learned just how much housing impacts us. In university, she focused her studies on social and flexible housing with the Living in Other Ways research group (Morar de Outras Maneiras).   

Mara’s experience inspires her to create spaces that last a lifetime. She’s designed private residences and national venues for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games, both in studios and working for herself. Mara is warm, enthusiastic and direct in the best way. Outside omb, she hosts legendary dinner parties catered with cuisine from her hometown, which is known for the best food in Brazil. If you’re lucky, she’ll serenade you or teach you to dance Samba. 

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