Aleksandra Popovska

Intern Architect OAA M.Arch

604 558 6344

Detail-oriented. Inventive. Hands-on.

Aleksandra believes architecture is best when it’s human-centric. With a critical eye, she considers how people move through, experience and interact with buildings, deriving great satisfaction from working out the most beautiful solution to a tricky problem. She pairs this thoughtful attitude with a hands-on spirit – few things give her greater pleasure than cutting the perfect mitred corner or slotting a custom panel seamlessly in place.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Aleksandra studied at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Ontario and worked in Toronto, Madrid and London before landing in Vancouver. Her love of making things extends to her free time and she always has a number of projects on the go – everything from prototyping products, entering design competitions, embarking on various home construction projects, punctuated by skiing, cooking, and travelling.

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