Alex Vanderlee


Kind-hearted. Conscientious. Explorer.

Simple, inventive, and delightful. That’s how Alex views good design. Simplicity and sustainability form the bedrock of his approach to design, while he sees attention to social value and cultural context as essential to achieving the desired result: when a building becomes more than a building.

Did we mention building beautiful models might just be his first love? Alex is inspired by those who maintain clarity of vision in the face of the complexities that inevitably infuse the design process. No doubt he hones these traits in himself whenever he’s travelling the country or trekking the backcountry. Indeed, he grew up in northern BC and studied in Eastern Canada and now calls Vancouver home, where his penchant for running, hiking, and camping lay at his doorstep. An enthusiast of the great outdoors, he fancies himself to be both a landscape photographer and, yes, an accomplished beer drinker.

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