Caleb van der Leek

AIBC Student Affiliate, M.Arch. BDes

Thoughtful designer. Maker of things. Proud cat dad. 

With an exhibition designer for a grandfather and a printmaker for a grandmother, design has always been a safe space for Caleb to learn, grow, and explore. Caleb began his architectural journey studying industrial and graphic design at the University of Alberta. Whether it’s a glass bottle, a travel mug, infographics for magazines or medical accessibility products, there is no design outside of Caleb’s scope.  

After a year spent studying in Germany, Caleb furthered his architectural career with a dual master’s in architecture and landscape architecture at UBC. Leading with empathy in his design approach, Caleb seeks to create spaces that directly reflect the needs of their users, striving for simplicity and for work that betters our communities. In his off time, Caleb can be found skiing, gravel biking, and spending time at the aquarium.

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