Devan Burry

M.Arch, BFA

604 558 6352

Meticulous. Motivated. Pizza Enthusiast.

Devan balances an eye for detail with the ability to step back and consider the overall result — the big ideas that fueled a project in the first place. He believes the most complex problems often have the simplest solutions, and relishes the experiential quality of a well-designed space.

Hailing from Steady Brook, Newfoundland (population: 444), Devan studied visual arts at Memorial University, followed by a year-long residency in St. John’s. His artwork explored concepts of the built form through the layers of printmaking. Before long, he made the switch to architecture itself, trading one coast for another to complete his Master of Architecture at UBC.

When possible, he relishes getting out from behind the computer, whether to go on site, or to snowboard, cycle or run. He’d be delighted to discuss further over a glass of whiskey with you (as long as it’s rye).

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