Eugenio Cornejo

B. Arch, LEED GA

Consistent. Multifaceted. Well-traveled.

A walking, talking travelogue, Eugenio was born in Santiago and spent his childhood in Argentina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Mexico and Chile. He has since lived and worked across North and South America — on projects from Patagonia all the way up to the Northwest Territories. Despite (or perhaps because of) his nomadic biography, a connection to place runs through his design work. True to form, he has found plenty of inspiration in the nature and history of Vancouver since moving to the city nine years ago.

Over an 18-year career, Eugenio has worked on a wide range of project types, and he is a force in schematic design, modelling and the production of permit documents. He gets excited about designs that are simple, energy-efficient, cost-effective and integrated in the community and nature (or landscape). He also gets excited about hiking, building millwork and cooking seriously great meals for his family.

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