Heather Maxwell, associate

Architect AIBC

Responsive. On it. Latte-loving lounger.

Heather has a well-rounded skill set from design and presentation through to project management. She is a strong and confident designer with an attentiveness that clients love. A dedicated runner, Heather ran her first marathon Thanksgiving 2013 and trains by running around Stanley Park, adding several kilometres and lateral conditioning to her workout dodging the inevitable tourists, seagulls and rollerbladers. Beginning with a bachelor of fine arts (OUC), Heather completed her masters of architecture at UBC. She is awed by the drama of architecture that takes one’s breath away (ironic for a distance runner), and is driven in her career by the joy of seeing a two dimensional drawing come to life. Heather’s experience has included a variety of project types from local restaurant interiors to airports to master plans.

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