Matei Rau

Architect AIBC

Bookworm. Minimalist. Collector. 

In his undergrad, Matei learned that hospital patients with views of nature healed more rapidly than those without. Inspired by how profoundly space impacts people, Matei decided to complete his Master of Architecture at Dalhousie University. Sought out for his sketches and concepts, Matei favours simple forms and spaces free of clutter. Before relocating to Vancouver and joining omb, he gained valuable experience on residential and institutional projects at respected firms in Toronto.  

Matei’s calm, ego-less demeanor means his energy goes into design. Born in Romania and raised in Williams Lake, BC, he studied and worked in Kelowna, Halifax, and Toronto before landing closer to home. Despite his love for minimal spaces and simplicity, he collects cat figurines and rocks out to metal while at the gym. 

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