Janusz Menezla, associate principal


Straight-forward. Light-hearted. Furniture furnisher.

Janusz (pronounced “Yah-nOOsh”) grew up in Germany and studied at Bauhaus University in Weimar where, after stints studying abroad in Madrid and Washington, he earned his Dipl. Ing. (architecture). He was soon convinced by a friend to move to London for a lark, and wound up staying for seven years. As an associate at a well-respected architectural firm there, Janusz further developed his natural leadership and project management abilities and continued his pursuit of architecture that is built upon a strong concept while remaining modest, enduring and belonging to its place.

Fluent in three languages (German, Polish and English) and rusty in one (Spanish), Janusz has no trouble translating his good humour to his work environment; he is credited with the abundance of belly laughs originating from his corner of the office. After selling their furniture to move to Canada and faced with the prospect of filling his home with Ikea, Janusz capitalized on his brother-in-law’s workshop and built a bookshelf, a coffee table and a dining table. He stopped there because he moved in to a condo, but hopes to pick up the furniture design and construction hat again in the future. He enjoys hiking but has yet to explore beyond Vancouver’s playgrounds and sandboxes with his young daughters. All in good time.

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