Jedrik Mangahis

M.Arch, B.En.Ds

604 558 6344

Curious. Mellow. Explorer.

One of Jed’s greatest accomplishments is the dollar-bin record collection that he has compiled over the years, ranging from 70s-80s funk, to disco and soul. Inspired by music, animation, and photography, he is observant of how the world moves around him. Jed was born in the Philippines and raised in Los Angeles and Vancouver, contributing to his deep sense of curiosity about the striations of life, the magic that exists in the in-betweens, and the potential for creativity when you colour outside the lines.

Jed is a graduate of UBC’s School of Architecture, where he completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In his design work, Jed ascribes to the philosophy that context is key. He strives to create work that is thoughtful in its contextual response, accounting for its surroundings, users, and history. Jed aspires for sustainable design and architecture that accommodates for more-than-human ecologies – an aspiration which fueled his master’s thesis entitled “Tender Monsters: A Bestiary of Non-Euclidean Futures”.

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