Jodie Wong

Office Coordinator, BA (Hons)

Intrepid. Perspective seeker. Free-spirited. 

Jodie has lived and worked all across the globe. She was born and raised in a small town in the UK, taught English in Japan, spent months traveling far and wide, and now is happy to call Vancouver home. Jodie grew up surrounded by different cultures and perspectives which sparked her love for connecting with people from all walks of life, using each interaction as an opportunity for mentorship. She is fascinated by the different experiences people bring from their unique backgrounds, always curious to learn about their stories and encounters. Jodie greets each team member and visitor to omb’s studio with this welcoming curiosity. 

Jodie is a lover of creative expression in all forms. She balances her work at omb with her passion for documentary projects where she strives to create work that asks questions, amplifies voices, and brings impact through art. Jodie’s best days are spent exploring, whether it’s through the words of a novel, mountain trails, a new creative outlet, or in conversation with a colleague. 

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