Maryam Bazyari


Easy-going. Joyful. Experimental cook.  

Maryam began her academic career in computer science. Guided by a love of design, she quickly transitioned to the field of architecture and has never looked back. Originally from Iran, Maryam’s portfolio spans from small, colourful villas, to high-rise hotels, and everything in between. Prior to her transnational move, Maryam built her own architectural practice in which she designed mid-rise apartments and small villas. Maryam also undertook renovation projects which required her to master the skillful combination of creative and functional design. 

Maryam is inspired by bright colours and the small interactions that occur in everyday life, whether between colleagues, friends, or the barista at a local cafe. She is guided by the belief that laughter is the best medicine and chooses to approach each moment with gratitude. In her free time, Maryam is an exceptional experimental cook, a cat lover, and enjoys getting lost in nature. 

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