Matthew Beall, associate

Architect AIBC M.Arch

Exacting. Up-for-it. Super smart.

Though Matthew thinks being proud of one’s accomplishments is overrated, he admits to being a little proud of his bo ssäm (Korean roast pork). So noted! This revelation accompanies his non-typical background for an architect—having come to architecture after working in the dot-com and non-profit sectors—and, therefore, the different viewpoint he brings to the table. In this vein, he eschews a definitive design philosophy but believes great design must reflect context and clarity of purpose as well as exhibit cohesion across all scales.

A complex thinker with a curious mind, Matthew is inspired by travelling to new places and exploring new cities. He’s interested in figuring out how people and places fit together and is moved by people dedicated to art and activism. His great appreciation for craft includes his own penchant for mixing craft cocktails. The man is in his mantra: I travel, I eat; I travel to eat. Did someone say bo ssäm?

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