Rocio Huertas Garcia

M.Arch, MUP

Curious minimalist. Passionate proactivist. Algebraic colorist. 

What have mathematical equations to do with truth and beauty? What have truth and beauty to do with art and design? What have art and design to do with the quest for purity and perfection? Within this philosophical matrix we find Rocio, as passionate about algebra as she is about her paintings; bridging the logic of mathematical intelligence and the subjective power of art to build her architectural house of creativity and technique; working on both the large scale of urban entities and the small scale of architectural detailing.

Simplicity is the key to her design and her life. As simple as a drop of water that generates a whole palette of colours, as simple as the only way to approach and solve an equation. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, cites Rocio, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Born, raised, and educated in the south of Spain, Rocio has carved her ideals from the influences of her cultural and historical background. Sometimes she’s on the move, travelling the world; other times she might be hidden for days, wandering in the woods or painting watercolours to exhibit.

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