Rory Fulber, associate

Architect AIBC

Cerebral but hands-on. Arts enthusiast. Nature buff.

Uncompromising artists—painters and sculptors, singers and musicians—mark Rory’s inspirational landscape, as do grand sites—whether beach, cliff, forest, or desert. Think Alberto Giacometti and Nina Simone; Big Sur or Marfa. Such visions and visionaries frame Rory’s view of architecture, meant to enhance everyday life by being both familiar and unfamiliar. Like seeing a great work of art or hearing a beautiful melody. Look and listen to Rory, as he draws and fine-tunes his designs until they sing.

As a passionate architect and former sponsored skateboarder, Rory has had the opportunity to travel, visit numerous cities, and see cityscapes from a different perspective. Wheels on the ground. Today he bikes and skates. Plays soccer. Goes fishing. Races his dog on the beach. Travelling, exploring, drawing. All grist for his inspired synthesis of design and experience.

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