Shasha Wang

B.En.D., M.Arch

604 558 6344

Playful. Spirited. Calm.   

Shasha is a recent graduate of UBC’s School of Architecture, where she received the Judah Shumiatcher Memorial Award in Architecture for her master’s thesis. Her research explored the (alternative) history of rural Chinese restaurants across Canada and how architecture can embody the cultures, traditions, and desires that come with migration and diaspora.   

Raised in Vancouver, Shasha has always been drawn to big cities and the opportunity for community and placemaking through architecture. She spent several years working in Toronto and Beijing following her undergraduate degree, fostering a gentle, empathetic approach to design, and bringing recognition to the power of drawing inspiration from our everyday surroundings. A true West Coast-er, you can almost always find Shasha hiking through the mountains, kayaking, or attempting to learn the latest BTS choreography. 

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