Supatra Huangyutitham

Intern Architect AIBC B.Arch BFA LEED® AP

604 558 6360

Conscientious. Confident. Likes puzzles.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Bangkok, Shiki moved to New York to complete her bachelor of architecture (Cornell) before heading west to Seattle. She lived and worked there for six years before she became enchanted by the seawall and moved to Vancouver where she earned her bachelor of fine arts (Emily Carr). With 11 years of professional architectural experience under her belt (not to mention a variety of achievements in ceramics, photography and fine arts) Shiki joined the studio at omb.

When asked, Shiki will tell you that for work she “moves things around”. This understates her contribution to omb, for she offers experience in a range of commercial and residential projects of all sizes. In people, Shiki appreciates kindess and humour. In design she appreciates simplicity but with depth. Her greatest interest is in exploring the human touch and the experience of architecture and design. Perhaps this explains why one of her favourite memories is of waking to the sun glimmering around the snow blocks of an igloo she built by hand. Architecture doesn’t get more human than that.

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