Zeke Kan

Intern Architect AIBC, M.Arch, BA

Philosophical. Lover of the open sky. Green thumb.

Zeke’s passion for architecture stems from his background in art. His work, grounded in themes of patterns, sequences, and processes that are ever-changing, seamlessly corresponds with the world of architecture. Zeke made the decision to pursue his Master of Architecture at UBC while at a 6-month artist’s residency in Leipzig, Germany. Having lived in Malaysia, Germany, and across Canada, Zeke has a deep appreciation for the way our cultures impact how we interact with our environments.   

Inspired by the mythology of Aphrodite, one of Zeke’s core beliefs is that beauty inherently exists in our world through the creation, lifespan, and eventual decay of all things. He endeavours to create architecture that allows for use in the present while remaining prepared for what the future holds. Zeke is deeply thoughtful, intentional, and a philosopher at heart. When not reading architectural books, you can find Zeke on the badminton court or spending time with friends and watching movies. He also collects rare orchids which thrive under his care, meanwhile most of us can reduce these to mere sticks in a matter of months!

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