Innovative. Thoughtful. Diverse. 

omb seeks creative design solutions specific to our clients’ needs and goals.

omb believes in the importance of place making.

omb thrives on diversity. The cross-pollination of ideas invigorates our work.

Our approach is contextual. Each project is an opportunity to create something meaningful: to define the needs and aspirations of a community and to achieve integrity and simplicity in the design of thoughtful spaces and structures.

Team collaboration is the foundation of our studio culture. 

Members of our creative design team have traveled extensively and have great respect for the world of design beyond Western Canada. While we vigorously seek contextual responses, we also source evolving approaches from around the world. We believe good design is a team sport. Our integrated design process creates a forum for everyone involved in the planning, design, use, construction, operation, and maintenance of a facility. A thorough understanding of the interrelationships among disciplines is critical.

Simplicity is the essence of our design approach. it is a philosophy that aligns with sustainable design and functional planning. 

We are committed to healthy environmental stewardship. We believe that responsible design includes a clear understanding and commitment to sustainable design principles and is a critical factor for improving the livability of our communities. We exercise this belief in our personal and professional lives and strongly endorse a sustainability vision that balances social, economic, and environmental concerns.

We are committed to building practices that create value for our clients and our communities.

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