1520 - 1558 West 6th Avenue

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Type Live
Size 71 500 SF
Year ongoing

1520 – 1558 West 6th Avenue is a residential development that brings a high standard of livability to the Burrard Slopes area. The development consists of two distinctive L-shaped blocks made from one high-rise element and low-rise townhomes, defining the street edge in a quiet interplay, while opening up to a central courtyard.

The 50 residential units (predominantly 2 and 3 bedroom) are spacious, with excellent access to natural light and ventilation as well as well-proportioned balconies for outdoor living.

The building materials form a neutral colour palette including dark metal paneling, different colours of cementitious panels, glass and wood. Both interior and exterior materials will be comprised of durable materials sourced locally, where possible. Low VOC finishes will be specified for the residential suites and all circulation areas.

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