bells field

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Type Gather
Size 3000 bells SF

omb was asked to design a unique holiday installation in the courtyard between the Fairmont Pacific Rim and Shaw Tower in 2013. Anchored by painted steel frames at the north and south ends of the courtyard, the installation is made up of 17 strands of aircraft cable that are strung in a gentle arc. The total span of the cables is approximately 136’. Each of the aircraft cable strands holds over 175 brass bells, for a grand total of around 3000 bells. As the wind blows through the space, the cables sway gently, making the bells ring and enriching the sensory experience of the passer by. The bells become a textural field above the viewer, adding a bright, shiny matrix to the sky, and becoming an intriguing overlay on the facades of the neighboring buildings.

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