Edgemont Boulevard Townhomes

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Type Live
Size 29,630 SF
Year 2018

Located just north of Edgemont Village, and surrounded by mid-century architectural jewels designed by the likes of Fred Hollingsworth, the project strives to fit within the area’s long history of west coast modern design.

Two linear masses sit on top of a below grade parking structure. Oriented with their long edge parallel to the site’s contours and primary street, the building’s height and massing transition between adjacent properties and are calibrated to the site’s location on an important local road. All seven suites are clustered around a semi-public exterior courtyard. The courtyard organizes the entry sequence for the northern suites, and provides daylight for the southern suites. The project also provides a mix of suite types including suites with main floor living that allow residents to live on one level. Cladding consists of natural, durable and high quality materials. The upper volume is clad in light coloured white concrete brick masonry. The use of a light coloured material on the upper volume is fundamental. Located in the northshore’s dramatic pacfic northwest rainforest the white concrete brick masonry will offer a needed respite from the dense shadows of the canopy. The lower volume, landscape privacy screens and planters are all clad in preweathered steel panels. The streamlined structure consists of a timber frame above a cast in place concrete parking level.

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