office of mcfarlane biggar

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Type Work
Size 5,200 SF

Relocating our office has given us the opportunity to create an environment that is evocative of our aesthetic and philosophy, accommodate a growing team and support a new level of vibrancy. The office now occupies the top floor of a low-rise, heritage building in the emerging Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in Vancouver.

The recently renovated space had a new, exposed metal ceiling and wood floors that provide a clean frame around the rough, exposed brick walls that are punctured by a regular rhythm of triple-unit, operable windows. To make it our own, we introduced a spare design that relies on an intuitive, longitudinal plan, modern finishes and plenty of dual-functionality. The open-concept workspace and variety of social areas, underscore our collaborative process. With a design that is both serious and playful, we’ve created an environment that fosters quality daily experiences.

At reception, we created a vibrant art installation comprised of wooden sticks that each staff member painted in their favourite colour. The work establishes a signature presence for the space, is representative of us as both a team and as individuals – and also hides the utility box! The sticks can easily be changed over time, evolving with our team.

Our new space is like a breath of fresh air, supporting increased productivity and satisfaction, and helping us to attract and retain staff and clients as omb continues to grow.

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