SEAandSKY Amenity Centre

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Type Gather
Size 30,000 + 18,000 SF
Year Ongoing

omb is currently developing an amenity centre in the heart of a multiphased, multi-family community of 900+ homes in Squamish. The community is a marine-oriented village with a commercial core and a designed park and trail network, situated on a rehabilitated brownfield site within walking distance of downtown Squamish. The scope includes a 17m rock-climbing facility, full gym, outdoor pool, fitness centre, change rooms, café, living room, lounge + offices. The program also includes an amenity building of offices, commercial spaces, and a waterfront restaurant. The design approach is focused on creating a gathering place for the community, and the 17m climbing wall acts as a beacon to draw people to the epicenter of the development. The community centre also creates a unified identity for the new residents by folding into the existing context of Squamish, a logging and mill community with strong ties to the environment and outdoor recreation.

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