SFU Academic Quadrangle Theatre Renovations

Burnaby, BC

Type Learn
Size 40,000 SF

The Academic Quadrangle (AQ) is located near the centre of Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby Campus. Our initial project was the refurbishment of seven lecture theatres within the AQ building. The goal was to transform the theatres into a highly attractive and visible amenity spaces while celebrating the modern heritage of the building. The design aims to explore opportunities to provide a memorable identity for the theatres, clarify wayfinding, include current AV technology and visually connect the theatres with the concourse. The first three theatres have just been completed with the remaining four scheduled to complete construction soon. Having just completed a feasibility study for the entire AQ building we are entering into the execution of a Building Envelope Renewal and Programming Project, anticipated to be the first of many renewal projects in the building. A solid understanding of the existing building details, and a thoughtful and technically skilled envelope strategy, will be crucial for this project.

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