Arthur Leung

Architect AIBC, MArch, MDes, BEnD

Inquisitive. Industrious. Introspective.

Arthur examines the world around him with a razor-sharp eye and a questioning spirit. He’s particularly intrigued by the consequences that architectural details and forms have on macro-level systems. In his research, which spans a master’s in design studies from Harvard University, as well as a pair of UBC degrees (environmental design, architecture), he has devised prize-winning solutions for climate change and natural disasters — and leveraged this work to bring attention to resilient design.

At omb, he blends his intellectual approach with the collaborative spirit and drive needed to bring projects to completion. Outside the office, Arthur has much in common with cats: he loves curling up in a sunny nook with a sketchbook or novel, and he is always on the hunt for fresh salmon sashimi. (He only wishes his reflexes were equally cat-like.)

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