Begum Gorgulicten

M.Arch, B.Des

Practical. Vibrant. Knitting enthusiast.    

Begum was drawn to architecture for the desire to utilize design as an instrument to help those in need. Born and raised in Turkey, Begum has always been highly cognizant of the refugee crises existing in many Middle Eastern countries. She made note of the lack of support for displaced communities and dedicated herself to a career of helping others through architecture. Following a degree in Communication Design at Emily Carr University, Begum completed her master’s at UBC, where her thesis focused on creating a model for refugee housing in Vancouver that would not only provide housing to new Canadian citizens, but also would offer centralized support systems as a fundamental part of integration to Canadian society. Begum enjoys being around nature and after making peace with the rain, she decided to call Vancouver her new home.

Virtuous to her core, Begum uses her knowledge in combination with her architectural aptitude to imagine spaces that improve our lives as individuals and as a collective. During her free time, you can find her knitting using techniques taught to her by her grandmother, exploring new types of cuisine, swimming, spending time with friends and family, and watching captivating films.

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