Beth Denny, associate

Architect AIBC LEED®AP

Rigourous. Sincere. Definitely not lost.

Beth studied at Dalhousie University and amassed three degrees: scenography, environmental design and architecture. Together they provide Beth (not to mention omb) with a unique combination of skills most notably an understanding of the importance land and place and expressing their narratives. She produces work with imprints of ingenuity and restraint in both design and detail. Beth spends inordinate amounts of time field testing her theories about coexisting with nature, and can usually be found (or lost) somewhere big and wild, scoping for sweet lines in snow and on rock.

Behind Beth’s honest, calm manner is a relentless rigour and informed tenacity which she applies to all of her projects. She enjoys collaborating with makers and thinkers in the field during construction phase and has been known to retreat to omb’s wood shop and do it herself if she’s told it can’t be done.

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