Kevin Kong


Gentle genius. Model maker. Rain estimator. 

Kevin is omb’s principal model builder and manager of the workshop. While he is exceptionally skilled at bringing drawings to three-dimensional life his talents don’t stop there. Kevin has an extremely diverse skill set with which he engages in omb projects beyond the boundaries of the model shop. His experience ranges from preserving traditional Chinese architecture to strategic municipal planning and landscape architecture. During his studies he has become involved in research (which is ongoing at UBC) and published several articles on rainwater harvesting and stormwater management in the urban environment.

Kevin believes architecture must be functional, elegant, and responsive to user needs. He is humble about his talents, but it cannot be stressed enough how greatly he is admired by both colleagues and clients for his model-making genius. He draws inspiration from the omb team – their creativity, humour and dedication to the pursuit of excellence – and takes great satisfaction in watching projects transform from his original wood models into real, full-size buildings.

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