Madsen Canitz

Intern Architect AIBC, BEDS, M.Arch, CPHD

Problem solver. Motivator. Ambitious.

Inspired by his fieldwork-based research in the Western Canadian Arctic, Madsen’s proudest accomplishment is his thesis, which uses Two-Eyed Seeing as a guiding approach to establish the design of a research center in Tuktoyaktuk, taking into consideration the strengths of both Inuit and Western knowledge. His findings emphasize the importance of building relationships and drawing from multiple perspectives in conversation and design – a philosophy Madsen has carried into our practice and beyond.  

A prototyper and problem solver at heart, Madsen is a person of authentic character guided by curiosity and deep reflection. Committed to community-minded, systems thinking, Madsen relishes the opportunity to work collaboratively towards shared goals, exploring the intricate relationships between design, problem-solving, and people. For Madsen, the most rewarding aspect of our work lies in the shared experience of crafting thoughtful, meaningful spaces that serve and inspire others. When not solving problems, you can find Madsen reading, watching British comedy, baking and eating said baking, and spending time sharing laughs with family.

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