Michelle Biggar, principal


Originator. Dogged. Straight shooter.

Michelle puts the b in omb. She has dedicated her career since setting out in 1997 to creating spaces that are regionally relevant and responsive to client ambitions, underscored by the timelessness of quiet and elegant restraint in form and materials. Gifted with the confidence and design ethos of a seasoned veteran, Michelle also manages to retain the freshness, innovation and drive of a newly minted student.

Michelle graduated in Australia from the Queensland University of Technology with a bachelor of built environment, interior design. Her training and expertise is in interiors, however Michelle has a larger interest in all facets of design: architecture, product and furniture design, graphics, wayfinding and art. She enjoys being involved at every level of her projects, providing design leadership for large-scale complex facilities while also reveling in the finer hand-crafted details. She places high value on integration and ensures each element is thoroughly and thoughtfully considered. Endowed with more than her share of competitive spirit, Michelle channels most (but not all) of it into sports. She is also afflicted with a charming accent (ask her to say the letter ‘H’).

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