Ryan Panos

Intern Architect AIBC

Focused. Cool under pressure. Ramen connoisseur.

How can architects improve their process to deliver better designs? Ryan borrows practices and ideas from disciplines as wide-ranging as industrial manufacturing, graphic novels, biology and textile development — always in pursuit of smarter, more meaningful spaces. His thoughtful, thorough work bears out this curated approach.

Ryan previously lived and worked in Toronto, where he studied design at OCAD U and architectural science at Ryerson University. He moved to Vancouver in 2010 to pick up a master’s in architecture at UBC. Since then, he has worked on a range of hospitality, community and mixed-use projects, both within dense city environments and beyond. When not thinking about architecture, he reads, listens to podcasts, rides his bike and (when he really wants to get wild) cross-stitches.

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