Reflective. Methodical. Balanced.' /> Reflective. Methodical. Balanced.' />

Sara Theuerkauf

Architect, M.Arch, BEDs

Reflective. Methodical. Balanced.


Sara believes in the power of designing for the psyche. Her drive to create spaces that positively impact our wellbeing, increase productivity, and stimulate creativity fuels her to apply strategies that establish connections between our built environment and nature.


Her love for graphic communication has bolstered her skill set for delivering a well-coordinated and clearly communicated drawing package — a key to every project’s success.  Sara enjoys creating relationships with clients and understanding how spaces will be used to design functional, efficient environments. The meditative quality of drafting, solving a space planning puzzle, and the tactile, hands-on nature of sourcing materials is what gets her excited to come work each day. 


A proud Nova Scotian, Sara relocated to Vancouver in 2010 after graduating from Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture. In her spare time, she takes to the forest to forage and gather inspiration from the textures, colours, and light around her.  An avid cyclist, she’s always planning her next bike-packing trip and she’s a truly accomplished illustrator. Her work captures moments of simple ritual and evokes a conscious appreciation for the present while reminding others to slow down and cherish intimate moments as they unfold. She’s currently working on her second children’s book, about the importance of greenspaces.


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