Shea Treacy

Intern Architect AIBC NZIA

Outgoing. Northern spirit. Caniwi.

A self-declared “Caniwi”—born and raised in Canada and matured in New Zealand—Shea’s continent-spanning work has been fueled by his pursuit of truth in materiality and construction. Excited by the potential for new technology to influence the design of our environment, he believes this pursuit is even more important as the speed and quality of reproduction increases. He puts his philosophy to practice with a hands-on approach influenced by his extensive knowledge of both the construction and electrical industries in Canada.

Beginning his architecture career with the Christchurch, NZ, earthquake rebuild, Shea found inspiration in helping people return to their homes and schools. Back in Canada, he seeks out other ways of giving back, helping to build community-focused structures and volunteering at schools such as Design Build Research (DBR). Otherwise, you’ll find him hiking and snowboarding as much as possible, playing with his ridiculously cute puppy, and practicing his superlative home brewing skills. In other words, putting the “Can” in “Caniwi.”

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