Tanit Mora Cots

M.Arch UPC

Diligent. Practical. Curious.

Project the present, anticipate the future and never forget the past. This design philosophy guides Tanit through any design project she’s working on. All the way from Barcelona, she brings a strong creative background in architecture and design. Driven by her curiosity to learn from everyone and everything around her, she’s fuelled by the idea that her work can help improve people’s lives in a positive way through function, comfort and beauty. While she always strives to for innovative design, she also uses her personal experiences to help her understand people’s ways of interacting with a space.

Tanit graduated with a BA and MA in architecture while living in Barcelona and trained for one year in Lisbon where she discovered her love for Portuguese architecture and continued to perfect her craft. Her strong suit lies in creativity, where she’s moved from conception to completion on several projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, skiing and taking in the beautiful scenery of Vancouver’s backyard.

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