Yalda Sinaei

Intern Architect AIBC, M.Arch, BA, MA

Methodical mind. Art appreciator. Inquisitive question asker.

For Yalda, the best part of her job is the process of creation. Bringing ideas to life and witnessing the transformation of spaces gives her immense satisfaction and motivates her to continue pushing boundaries. She takes pride in her work on affordable housing and transit projects, recognizing the importance of the built environment in shaping people’s lives. Yalda’s dedication stems from her belief in serving the communities and the masses, emphasizing social values and creating experiences that promote mental and physical well-being in society. 

Originally from Iran, Yalda has a zest for life and a desire to experience it to the fullest. Her journey has led her to Vancouver, where she has found a vibrant and diverse community that aligns with her values and aspirations. Energized by the people around her and finding inspiration in the beauty of nature and culture, Yalda is happiest when she’s painting, sketching, laughing, and dancing. She seeks to inspire others to embrace their own passions and find fulfillment in the joy of personal growth and self-expression. 

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