We are champions of wood in buildings – where it makes sense to utilize its structural and aesthetic properties. Recognized as leaders in the use of innovative wood technologies, we have maintained this focus throughout our firm’s history. Many of our projects demonstrate our ability to provide simple, yet innovative wood solutions that bring warmth and character to spaces while also drawing from a local resource that speaks to the natural history and wood processing industry of our region. There is renewed energy within our industry to innovate with engineered wood products and valued added wood systems and materials. Mass timber products, such as CLT and LVL and LSL are changing the way that we think about building – as wood plays a more significant role in long span structures and tall wood buildings. Wood’s natural ability to sequester carbon has also put it at the forefront of sustainability debate and discussion – making a case for wood where it was previously not an option. While wood remains one of the most poorly understood building materials, its properties and its universal appeal to the human senses of sight, smell and touch inspire us to use it in all of our projects with great care in detailing and respect for weathering. Our Prince George and Fort McMurray airport projects, as well as the UBC Bookstore are distinct examples within our larger portfolio of wood projects that showcase our creative approach to wood innovation – achieving spans, and aesthetics of structure in wood that differentiate our buildings from the pack.

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